Early Bird Fees – Jnr South Africa

Miss & Mr. Jnr South Africa (Ages 3 years to 21 years)
Miss & Mr. Universal South Africa (Ages 22 years to 26 years)
Sir South Africa (Age 26+ years)

FINALS will be held in Pretoria at the ACPP Hall from 6 – 10 April 2021.
Entries will close on 25th of November 2020.
FINALISTS will be announced on 25th of November 2020.
VOTING LINES for FACE OF SOUTH AFRICA 2021 will open on 25th of November 2020.




Miss & Mr. Jnr South Africa (Ages 3 years to 21 years)
Miss & Mr. Universal South Africa (Ages 22 years to 26 years)
Sir South Africa (Age 26+ years)

Face of South Africa

FACE OF SOUTH AFRICA is a separate competition to Jnr SA, Universal SA & Sir SA but is run concurrently with the main pageant. The FACE OF SOUTH AFRICA Winners are determined by the number of votes purchased and has no bearing on the overall winners of the main pageant.

Winners of FACE OF SOUTH AFRICA will be crowned at the Awards Evening on the Friday of Pageant Week and the Overall Winners on Saturday. All votes are R2,00. And no refunds will be tendered.

Voting frames for each contestant will be loaded onto the Voting page and the Face of South Africa Facebook page by 4th of December 2020 and voting shall commence. Link to join the page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/faceofsouthafrica

Finalist Entry Fees

Once selected as a FINALIST the following fees are due and payable in full.
First payments are due by 15 December 2020.
Final payments are due by 28 February 2021.

Compulsory Fees

R950,00 Finalist Fee (Due 15 December 2020)
R3 000,00 Entry Fee (Due 28 February 2021)
R1 500,00 Pageant Sponsorship Fee (Due 28 February 2021)

Finalist fee includes:
  • Finalist Sash
  • How-To-Guide
  • Pageants SA T-Shirt
  • Complimentary entry into the Face of South Africa 2021.

Items can be collected or couriered to you at no additional cost.

Entry fee includes:
  • Entry into the Finals for Jnr SA 2021
  • Program Book
  • Pageants SA Jacket
Pageant Sponsorship fee includes:
  • 1 Dignity Dreams Pack that goes to Pageants SA’s outreach project of choice.


Payment Options

Early Bird Discounts

Offered to persons paying ALL ENTRY FEES in ONE PAYMENT! (Early Bird Discounts DO NOT INCLUDE the Finalist fee of R950,00).

R4 100,00 by 15 November 2020 or
R4 300.00 by 15 December 2020.

Entry Fee 

R4 500,00 total payment after the 15th of December 2020. (DOES NOT INCLUDE the Finalist fee of R950,00)

Payment Plan

You may also split your payments over 4 months. All fees are due and payable, IN FULL, by 28 February 2021.

  • R1 200,00 by 30 November 2020.
  • R1 200,00 by 31 December 2020.
  • R900,00 by 31 January 2021. (Because Jan-u-worry)
  • R1 200,00 by 28 February 2021

Late Payment Fee:

R 500,00 if fees are not PAID IN FULL by 28 February 2021.

Please ensure all fees are paid on time and in full to avoid the ADDITIONAL fee.


Clothing Requirements :

Age-appropriate evening wear

Pageants SA T-shirt
Plain Blue Jeans
Evening Wear
Interview Wear
Cartoon Heroes Theme Wear

No make-up is permitted for contestants 12 years and younger.


Hair & Make-Up :

It is RECOMMENDED that all female contestants 13+ have their hair and make-up done by the professional make-up artists and hair stylists from Alicious Beauty.
Appointments with the Hair & Make-up artists MUST be done in advance please.
Alicious Beauty: Alicia – 065 928 4354  |  aliciousbeautysa@gmail.com


Photographs :

Please contact Flippie to book your photo packages for the event
Flippie Snyman – 082 573 7361  |  flippies@netactive.co.za


Rules and regulations :

Please ensure you are completely aware of all the rules and regulations for the competition to avoid any misunderstandings

  • I understand that all female contestants must be unmarried and must not be pregnant or have a child/children.
  • I understand that I need to be a natural born male or female as per my entry.
  • I understand that I need to pay an overall total of R5 450,00 (or R5 950,00 if I pay late, after 28 February 2021.) to enter the competition right up to the National Finals event.
  • I understand that all entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of circumstance.
  • I understand that if I am selected as a FINALIST, I am required to send a copy of the deposit slips of the R950,00 admin fee, as well as the National Finalist fee of R3 000.00 and the Pageant Sponsorship fee of R1 500,00; as well as my full-length & head & torso photo (please ensure you use your name & age on the file name of the photo) and my video to the email address info@pageants.co.za BEFORE the advised closing dates.
  • I understand that the clothing requirements for the National finals will be a pair of blue jeans and a Pageants SA white t-shirt, an Interview Outfit, Evening Wear Outfit and my Theme Costume. No make-up is permitted for contestants 12 years and under.
  • I understand that should I be selected as a National Finalist I will be required to pay a National Final fee of R3 000.00 and the Pageant Sponsorship Fee of R1 500,00 – to be paid in full by 28 February 2020, or in instalments prior to the competition as noted on the Finalist forms. I also understand that I cannot claim to have been part of the competition if I did not attend the finals. All entry fees paid are non-refundable if I do not attend.
  • I understand that No part of entry fees, finalist fees or Sponsorship Fees are refundable under any circumstances.
  • I understand that I can make instalments of the National Finals fees, as per the listing above.
  • I agree to allow Pageants SA to use the photos I have provided for any promotion purposes, for use in the program at the National Finals, on the website of all the contestants on pageants.co.za as well as on the Facebook page for the 2021 event.
  • I understand that should I reach the National Finals that I will be required to attend all the days of the competition and that each contestant has the same opportunity to win the title as another.
  • I understand that the National Finalists will be selected from the photos and videos provided.
  • I understand that there will be NO FUND RAISING required by myself, however, the chosen charity of choice is one of the following washable sanitary towel providers, being either Dignity Dreams, Palesa Pads or Subs Pads and that I will be requested to purchase at least 10 Packs to donate to the Pageants SA outreach of choice. You are free to purchase and donate more if you would like to be in line for the Charity Ambassador title. Orders can be collected and handed in at registration.
  • I understand that I will be able to sell the Dignity Dreams packs with an additional R50 added per pack, making the selling price R270 and with this additional price I can use the funds towards my entry fees – = 100 boxes and or packs at R50 profit each = R5 000,00 so you will not need to take any family money to pay for your entry fee if you can get a company to support you with the purchase of these Dignity Packs. Full details will be given to you in your National Finalist paperwork. If you do manage to get a corporate company to support you with these, the company will receive an 18A Tax Certificate for their accounting purposed and tax deduction at SARS.
  • I understand that I will NOT be required to sell any minimum amount of spectator tickets (However, all contestants under 18 must be accompanied by a chaperone over 18 or a parent, regardless of whether they attend the show) or you may bring as many spectators as you like (Dependent on number of tickets available so please ensure you book tickets well in advance).
  • I understand that I will be required to bring in gift vouchers for the Judges etc, however this will be noted in your HOW TO GUIDE.
  • I understand that as part of the pageant, I will be able to participate FREE OF CHARGE in the FACE OF SOUTH AFRICA competition and as soon as I have paid my R950,00 Finalist fee as well as submitted my clear head & shoulders & full-length photos, I will automatically be given my personal sms voting code for this part of the competition.
  • I understand that even if I do not make the National Finals I can still continue with the FACE OF SOUTH AFRICA competition providing I obtain a minimum of 500 votes and I MUST BE PRESENT AT THE GALA EVENT TO ACCEPT MY TITLE SHOULD I BE ANNOUNCED AS THE WINNER.
  • I understand that the Judge’s decision is final and that no correspondence regarding the winners will be entertained.
  • I understand that should I create any media regarding the competition, I need to obtain written permission from Pageants SA to have anything published in the media – whether in print, radio or television.
  • I understand that Pageants SA reserves the rights to change age groups at the National finals if necessary – this especially applies if in the male categories we do not reach a minimum of 5 contestants per age group.
  • I understand that should I win or be selected as the TOP 10 or be selected as a Regional Winner in my age group at the National Finals, I will automatically qualify to attend an International competition to represent South Africa – subject to me fitting the criteria of such competitions.
  • I understand that this is a family orientated competition and that all persons attending the event either as contestants, chaperones, supporters or family are required to act in an orderly manner at all times or Pageants SA will reserve the right to admission.
  • I understand that I do not have to belong to a modelling school to enter this competition and can enter as an individual.
  • I understand that should I create any negative publicity for Pageants SA during the course of the selections, or at, or during, or after the National Finals, Pageants SA reserves the rights to litigation against me with all costs being for my account.
  • I understand that an adult over the age of 18 years has given consent to completing this form and that all rules & regulations apply.
  • I agree to abide by all the rules, regulations, payment dates & payment requirements.
  • I agree that once I have received my OFFICIAL advert for the FACE OF SOUTH AFRICA I will use the hashtag #FaceOfSA as well as #PageantsSA as well as #PageantsRSA as well as #JnrSA as well as # UniversalSA in all posts regarding social media.
  • I agree to use the hashtag #JnrSA as well as #FaceOfSA as well as #PageantsSA as well as #PageantsRSA as well as #UniversalSA in all social media posts about the competition as well as @FaceofSouthAfrica as well as @PageantsSA as well as @SAPageants and that I am to tag Carolyn Baldwin Botha on Facebook in all my Social Media.
  • I understand that I am NOT permitted to start a Public Profile Page. All posts for the competition and contestants must be done to the official  which is named as follows:  Miss & Mr Jnr SA – South Africa’s biggest pageant – https://www.facebook.com/SAPageants/.
  • I understand that failure to adhere to the above-mentioned rules & regulations will result in automatic disqualification.
  • I understand that I will be able to enter other competitions, within reason, if I win the overall title in my age group.
  • I understand that cash prizes are only redeemable if there are a minimum of 20 finalists per category attending the pageant, 6 – 10 April 2021. Any categories with fewer than 20 finalists in the category will not be eligible to receive any cash prizes allocated to that category.
  • Pageants SA does NOT process any refunds for entry fees, spectator tickets or Pageants SA Shop purchases.
  • Spectator tickets do not include food or beverage. Food and beverage can be purchased from the venue on the day.
  • The organiser reserves the right to merge age groups, as deemed necessary, depending on the number of entries received per age group.

If you have any questions or queries, please direct them in writing to info@pageants.co.za.

I understand rules, regulations, fees and criteria for the competition as explained above and accept the conditions to enter this competition.


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